Tastes Like a Thin Mint

thin mint

I must admit, for the past few years I’ve felt a bit let down when the Girl Scouts start selling their cookies.

I’ve loved Thin Mints since I was a little girl. My dad would buy multiple boxes and store them in the freezer so we could enjoy them months after the “season.” As an adult, I’ve always supported my friends’ children by purchasing boxes of that minty chocolate goodness. Munching on those cookies brought me such pleasure–connecting to memories of enjoying them throughout my life.

Since being diagnosed with celiac disease four years ago, I have been living gluten-free. Of course, this means no Thin Mints for me. For the past few weeks, I’ve read many Facebook post from friends announcing that their daughters are selling cookies. I’d pause for a moment, remember I can’t eat them, and go about my business–all the while pushing down feelings of longing and missing out. Deep down, I was bummed.

A few nights ago, a Girl Scout troupe was set up outside my grocery store. I was attempting to ignore them when I noticed a sign saying they’d send cookies to members of the military. I was excited! Here was a way I could participate in supporting the girls and someone else could enjoy those cookies I love so much. I immediately handed over some cash. The little girls were happy and I was happy. And I told myself I was FINE, just FINE without being able to have those cookies ever again.

The next day it was one of those rare, rainy mornings here in San Diego. I walked into the Coffee Bean for a my regular green iced tea. Waiting in line, I spotted a new tea flavor–Moroccan Mint. The barista told me it was delicious as a latte, especially with dark chocolate powder. Heck, I figured I better check it out. And now, all I want to do is shout from the rooftops: It tastes like a Thin Mint! It tastes like a Thin Mint! Really, it tastes like a Thin Mint! (And it’s gluten-free!)

3 thoughts on “Tastes Like a Thin Mint

  1. I love thin mints! I’m so glad that you were able to find something with the same flavor profile without the gluten. Life is about finding happiness in the moments, and I’m glad you’re able to savor yours.

  2. Thin mints don’t taste as good as they did when we were kids, so you’re not missing out on that much. However, I loved the way you described them, but now I’m more interested in that Moroccan Mint tea from Coffee Bean! I love your writing style!

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