Exercise Outdoors: Lake Miramar


One of my favorite places to exercise is Lake Miramar. Located in the north county of San Diego, it’s quick and easy to get to, and once I’m there it feels like I’m far from the city.


Whether I tackle the whole 5-mile loop or just a few miles, it feels great to be outside enjoying nature.


I like that Lake Miramar is well-populated without being overcrowded. As a woman, that means I can relax and enjoy the solitude without pangs of worry about my safety.

People of all ages are there biking, running, rollerblading, walking dogs and fishing at all times of day or evening.

Often I see waddlers, too.


There are benches in many locations along the path. Some days I use them for step-ups and tricep dips, and other days I just sit quietly enjoying the coots calling to each other.


If I’m feeling extra energetic I’ll run a few stairs.


The joy and peacefulness I experience when I gift myself the time to be there carries with me throughout the day.


What’s your favorite place to exercise outside?

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