Couch to 5k: Week 3 Day 1

Trail Through the Trees

Some negotiating went on before I got out of bed this morning. Did I have to get up to run? Could it wait until tomorrow? The Couch to 5K program is designed for you to run three days out of each seven-day period. Half-asleep, I counted how many days had already passed. This was day two of the new week. If I skipped, I’d have to run Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

But today I am working all afternoon and evening at Collaboration Kitchen. I love this volunteer gig, working side-by-side with some of San Diego’s best chefs to raise money for local nonprofits that benefit children. But I’m not a member of the food industry by trade, and from past experience I know my arms, legs and back will be sore tomorrow from seven hours on my feet prepping, serving, and cleaning up after the event. I really won’t want to run then.

I decided I’d better get that first run in today.

The Week 3 schedule made me a little nervous. They double the jog-time interval and I wasn’t sure I’d be ready. I picked a super upbeat playlist, so I’d have some good music to pull me through. I shouldn’t have worried. I made it through no problem. YAY!

That is one of the reasons I was up for doing this program again after I slacked off the exercise for so long. It’s designed to give you small wins that keep you motivated and at a pace that keeps you from over-doing it, getting injured and ultimately giving up.

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