Couch to 5k: Week 4 Day 1

I kicked ass today.

Just so you know, that was not my attitude this morning. I woke dreading this run.

Week 4 ups the ante–the total run-time doubles again. Last week the longest stretch of run-time was three minutes. (I know that sounds pathetic to some of you. This is truly a program for beginners and to those of us who have never been the running type, three minutes feels long–long enough that I checked my watch to make sure the app was keeping time correctly.) Today, the shortest stretch of run-time was three minutes and the longest was five minutes.

I gifted myself permission to go slow as long as I kept jogging and didn’t stop.

I started off with a lot of complaining in my head: “This is going to be hard; My legs hurt already; I’m never going to enjoy this; My calf is tight; Next week I’ll be closer to 50 than 40, why am I even doing this?”

Then I gave myself the gift of turning off my brain. I focused on the music in my playlist and belted out the lyrics in my head.

A little after the one-mile marker the app lady said, “Halfway there.” I let out a sigh and turned around. A few curves later she said, “Keep going. You’ve got this.” I focused on getting one foot in front of the other. And when she finally said, “cool down” I felt amazing–totally happy, full of energy. I even danced a little on the way to the car.

Thanks for being out there, keeping me on track.

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