Couch to 5k: Week 5 Day 2

Sky Art


Today was a bust. It was already 80 degrees when I got to the lake this morning. That’s really hot for San Diego. Yet I wasn’t concerned about the run. I assumed it would be exactly like Day 1 this week and I survived that while on vacation.

I did the 5-minute warm up and started on what I thought would be one of three 5-minute runs. After a while my legs felt heavy and I was out of breath. I pulled out my phone and it said I still had 3 minutes left. What the hell? It felt like I had run way longer than 2 minutes. Did the app have a glitch? Was it the heat? Was my lack of energy a consequence of wine tasting for three days?

It turns out that Week 5 isn’t at all like the previous weeks where each day of the week is the same. Instead, run-time is added each day. Today was two 8-minute runs and Day 3 will be one 20-minute run. Ack!

I ran as much as I could the second 8-minute section. I talked to myself a lot. For example, “I can run to the old lady with the purple hat pushing her dog in a stroller.” Once I reached her, I walked a moment. Then, “I can make it to the next porta-potty.”

I decided it wasn’t worth beating myself up. The energy just wasn’t there. I plan to take a do-over tomorrow–Week 5 Day 2.1.

Stay tuned.

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