Couch to 5k: Week 6 Day 2


I strapped on my new kicks, stopped for my green tea, and headed out all excited that the road repair was complete and I could get back to enjoying my run around Lake Miramar. Greeting me when I pulled in was another “Lake Road Closed” sign.

Sigh. Looks like the repaving will be a few more days.

I joined the other disappointed regulars cruising back and forth along the front path laughing as we passed one another over and over again since no one wanted to blow off their exercise for the day.

The regulars are an eclectic group. There is a pack of senior women that walk together an hour a day, an old man that strolls along doing tai chi, a Chinese couple in matching track suits that hold hands, a Russian dude that always seems to be dragging his schizo behind him, a short white-haired man pushing his walker, the overly-tan half-naked guy that usually laps me, and a few moms with strollers.

As for me–I got the job done. And I found a cool feature on the app! If you go to “Log,” you get this screen.
It shows you how many hours and miles you’ve run and how many workouts you have left to go to the goal.

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