Newtopia Hard Cider

Enjoying a flight @newtopiacyder Loving the (3) Fuji La La Land–simple, crisp, refreshing. Champagne yeast. (1) Twisted Cutie which is the Fuji with clementine puree. Adds some delicious tartness. (2) Semi-sweet which is always one of my favorites–fresh Apple, touch of mint. Great balance. (4) Chai Me a River which is hitting the spot on this rainy day with its cinnamon, chamomile and tangy chrysanthemum. 

And then:

Right here is the holy grail of cider! A mix — 2/3 Twisted Cutie (see previous post) and 1/3 India Pale Cyder which adds a little hops. So freakin’ amazing.

And a final combo:

India Pale, Twisted Cutie, topped with that garnet Belgian Pineapple. 

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